"Ali's spin classes are fun, challenging, and energizing.  As an instructor, Ali is both motivational and instructive with ease.  She is not only approachable, but pushes you to push yourself.  I look forward to her class days in advance and leave the spin studio with the same internal "you kicked my *ss" mantra every time without fail.  Her 1-10 resistance scale method is easy to follow as a beginner and even easier to regulate as you become more advanced.  Hands down, my favorite part about Ali's spin class is her music selection - it's not only upbeat and rhythmic, but synchronized with the RPM pace she wants us to keep in each segment. You almost forget you're working so hard! Ali has turned this spin beginner into a spin believer! I'm so glad I started spinning with Ali." -Carolyn, WSC Georgetown

"A former outdoor runner and competitive soccer player, I needed an alternative cardio exercise that was more friendly to joints that had pounded pavement and fields for over 3 decades. Initially, I was skeptical of a stationary exercise and was not interested in someone yelling at me for an hour over loud annoying music. Ali busts all stereotypes I had heard and imagined about spinning. Because of her, I'm now a regular student who even owns cycling shoes. She invests a lot in each of her students and in the preparation and design of each of her sessions, including diversity of music and maintenance of technique, breathing, and hydration. Just as I'm starting to slow down, she encourages me to keep going and push. She's constantly checking all of us students and catching us when our shoulder's are shrugged or resistance is too high or low. My favorite part of class is when I think I have nothing left to give (circa minute 45), and she cheers us on by saying "Remember why you came here! Three more songs, you're almost there." I also enjoy her encouragement to turn off all distractions - whether thoughts from work, mental to do lists, or phones - to be fully present and to be respectful to other spinners. For those new to Ali, I would think of her class as not only a great work cardio workout, but also a chance to advance strength (including arms) and mental focus. I would recommend Ali because she approaches her instruction with a spirit of service and invests in building her students' physical and mental strength endurance." - Rosita, WSC GEORGETOWN

"The classes are phenomenal. i love group fitness classes, but my favorites are those that push my physical abilities and strengthen my body. from spin with ali and kendra, to bootcamp with trail and yoga with carolyn - I've tried several of the group fitness classes and have yet to be disappointed. all of the instructors are knowledgeable, welcoming, and enthusiastic. their classes are enjoyable and sure to give you a workout." -megan, foggy bottom balance, yelp review